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The Board of Trustees

The Mary Ward Adult Education Centre is part of the Mary Ward Settlement, along with the Mary Ward Legal Centre and Blackfriars  Settlement. All three organisations are limited companies with charitable status. Trustees of the three organisations work as one integrated Board which has strategic overview of the Settlement.  Board members are either appointed or elected to be the trustees of the charities and directors of the companies.  They come from a variety of backgrounds, and have experience in different areas of work, including the law, the voluntary sector, finance and education.

Whilst day to day leadership and management is delegated to the Warden of the Settlement and the senior management team (the directors of Finance and Resources, Adult and Community Education, Community Services and Legal Services) the Board holds ultimate responsibility for the Settlement’s work and actions.

The Integrated Board

The Board is a democratic and responsive body with two elected student members as well as two elected members of staff. The Board is supported administratively by the Clerk and meets at least once a term. It has delegated some responsibilities to sub-committees which also meet at least once a term and report back to the board.

Trustees are keen to ensure that their decisions and actions are known and understood by all who have an interest in the Settlement’s work. To this end, minutes of the meetings of the Integrated Board will be published on the website as they are approved and confirmed by the Board (some sensitive and confidential material may be removed from the published documents).

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