An Introduction To Roman Britain

Britain was Romes most north-westerly province (later provinces and diocese), the wild west of
Empire with its never conquered far north. Referring throughout to archaeological evidence, this course
will examine the very different ways that areas of Britain experienced Roman occupation. We will set
out the story of Roman Britain from Caesars first engagement in the mid 1st century BC, through the
successful Claudian invasion of AD 43 and famous Boudiccan Revolt in AD 60/61, all the way through to
the diocese dropping out of the Roman world in the early 5th century AD. This course covers the whole
chronology of the Roman occupation, including the many campaigns of conquest, but will also spotlight
the everyday experiences of those living in Roman Britain. Special consideration will also be given to
Roman London.

Who is this course for

Anyone with an interest in History and Archaeology. No previous knowledge of the subject is required or assumed in sessions. If you do have some previous experience of study in these areas the course will still be suitable for you.

What does this course cover

We will cover a range of periods of the Roman occupation of Britain from the Late Iron Age until the 5th Centruy AD. We will also look at the details of particular archeaological finds, studying the techniques used as well as the events they allow us to understand. Particular topics covered in sessions include:
Late Iron Age Britain and Caesar's invasions

The Claudian invasion and subsequent campaigns of conquest

Boudicca and Agricola

2nd century AD Britain: Hadrian and Antoninus Pius

Septimius Severus in Scotland: 'Kill everyone'

Crisis of the 3rd Century.

Carausius and Constantine

Later Roman Britain

Life in Roman Britain

The Roman military in Britain

Roman London

We will also agree between us a week towards the end of the course when the class will undertake a tour of Roman London sites.

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

- Explain the chronology of Roman Britain
- Examine what it would have been like to live in Roman Britain
- Identify the locations of key Roman sites in Britain, especially in London

What will it be like

Thought there will be some tutor exposition on the course, the sessions will be as interactive as possible including small group tasks and problem solving exercises, informal quizzes, map making and much group discussion.

What else do you need to buy or do

You do not need to but any particular text as course readings and other resources will be made available as handouts for each session and additional resources will be available via the Moodle page for the course. If you have any mobility or access needs please let us know this when you enrol so that we can ensure that the session of the course where we do a tour of London sites is accessible to you.

What this course could lead to

The next obvious course would be the Archaeology of Warfare in the Ancient World course but there are also further courses in Roman History in the Prospectus that you might want to consider as well. Further courses in History and Art History would also make natural points to continue your study.

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