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ESOL L1 Intermediate

This is the level at which you start to be a competent English speaker and writer. You can now communicate quite easily in your daily life especially in practical issues. But you need to develop your language to talk and write about more complicated subjects and to help you with your work. On this course, you will focus on reading more challenging texts and writing about them. You will learn how to make a presentation, write formally and informally, and by the end of the course you will understand and use accurately the most common English grammar.

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Who is this course for

This English course is at intermediate level. It is the right course for you if:

You are quite confident in the English, particularly in your everyday spoken communication. People can understand you quite easily now and you can have conversations in most situations. You can understand the news on television and radio and you are beginning to understand whole films and other programmes. However, your interactions are still quite simple and you need to extend your vocabulary both for very informal situations and for formal presentations and job interviews.

You can read a large number of newspaper and magazine articles particularly in areas which interest you, and you are trying to read short books. But this reading is still slow and you don't have enough vocabulary. You are confused by more complicated grammar and this makes it difficult for you to remember long amounts of text.

You can write letters and emails quite easily - especially to friends and family. You can also write opinion pieces and some basic creative stories. But you need to write more complex English. You need to know how to write in depth formal letters and how to structure your writing more effectively.

You have learned quite a lot of English but you are confused by more complex grammar and you feel you need to learn more than basic English.

What does this course cover

In this course, you will practise your speaking, listening, reading and writing.

You will develop your conversation skills so you can respond quickly and easily in a variety of situations, both formally and informally. You will improve your vocabulary in situations such as responding sympathetically to people, making recommendations, giving different levels of agreement and disagreement, and speaking on the phone. You will also learn how to make a formal presentation. You will work on your pronunciation including rhythm and stress so you can express yourself more clearly.

You will focus a lot on your reading skills - how to read longer texts for general and specific information. You will read a variety of texts and understand how these texts are organised - for example, magazine articles, essays, notes and formal letters.

These different texts will help you to improve your writing. You will learn how to write more complex letters, essays and reports. You will also learn more about how to write a paragraph and how to make your writing interesting.

You will consolidate your grammar including the use of 'if' and the verb tenses, such as present perfect and past perfect. You will also learn more about the differences between simple and continuous forms.

You will prepare for ESOL L1 speaking and listening, reading and writing exams.

What will it be like

Some sessions on this course will be run online using Zoom, other sessions will be in the classroom.

The teacher will use videos, YouTube, songs, stories, pictures, recordings and an electronic whiteboard to introduce language. You will read a lot of texts and you will do many varied activities to ensure you are developing all aspects of your language. You will work in groups, pairs and on your own. You will discuss many topics, practise conversations and play interactive games to encourage you to communicate fully.

The teacher will assess your speaking, listening, reading and writing by giving you activities to do and some tests. The teacher will talk regularly to you about your progress and what you need to do in order to improve.

What else do you need to buy or do

The course will be run on Zoom, please make sure you have installed it in advance of your first class on your computer or mobile device. You can sign up for free here:

You will need a microphone and camera, so we can see you via video, but your phone, tablet or computer will probably have one. You can use headphones during the session if you want to.

Please note that if you used you might not be able to do everything in the session.

Make a small space to work in quiet so that you can concentrate on what is happening in the class.

By signing up to the course you are consenting to being on camera. The content of the lesson may occasionally be recorded by the tutor for internal education and training purposes but any such recordings will not be made available to anyone outside of the Mary Ward Centre organisation without us asking you asking you again for further permission to do so.

You need to keep a file with all your work in and you need to do homework to ensure you progress as well as you can. You also need to attend class regularly and participate actively in lessons. You need to prepare for your exams and attend any extra exam preparation classes recommended by your tutor.

You need an A4 file, paper, pens and pencils. An English-English dictionary is also useful. Other materials and books are available in the Student Resource Room.

What this course could lead to

In February and July there are speaking and listening, reading and writing exams. When you have passed all L1 exams, you can go to Level 2 General ESOL classes. Other courses you could do include: Pronunciation, Grammar (L1-L2), Conversation or Reading & Writing E3/L1.

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This course has concessions available for people who meet certain criteria

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